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Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy

Jack Armstrong was created as an advertising instrument to promote a General Mills' cereal brand, Wheaties. The corporation bet on the idea that a fictional All-American boy could prompt young people to eat their Wheaties. It worked. Kids all over America saved up Wheaties box tops, sent them in to General Mills, and then eagerly waited for their Jack Armstrong radio premiums to arrive in the mail.

Oozing with school spirit for Hudson High, the show followed the adventures of its star athlete, Jack Armstrong. He was a soaring voyager, traveling the globe with his pals, Betty and Billy and their Uncle Jim Fairfield. When Uncle Jim had to travel to exotic lands on behalf of his airplane factory business ventures, he would take the kids along. They traveled in Uncle Jim's hydroplane, "The Silver Albatross" to the four corners of the earth where they would find themselves involved in breathtaking mysteries, kidnappings, rescues, wars, and treachery. Story lines would continue unresolved for months, even years, keeping girls and boys coming back to follow the expeditions.

Jack Armstrong enjoyed a good long run, airing from 1933-1951. The show premiered on July 31, 1933 on CBS, and later moved to NBC's Blue Network, Mutual Broadcasting System, finally closing out the serial on ABC on June 28, 1951. There were numerous cast changes over the years, several due to people going into military service during WWII.

There are 94 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Rescue of the Pelican 01 December 31, 1935
Rescue of the Pelican 02 January 1, 1936
Rescue of the Pelican 03 January 2, 1936
Rescue of the Pelican 04 January 3, 1936
The Mysterious Ring 13 October 28, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 14 October 29, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 15 November 4, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 16 November 5, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 17 November 8, 1940
The Mysterious Ring.18 November 13, 1940
The Mysterious Ring.19 November 14, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 20 November 15, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 21 November 18, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 12 October 18, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 11 October 17, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 10 October 14, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 02 October 1, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 03 October 2, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 04 October 3, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 05 October 7, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 06 October 8, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 07 October 9, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 08 October 10, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 09 October 11, 1940
The Mysterious Ring 22 November 19, 1940

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